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Nova 10 Mountains Oak Cladding Natural interior 2000 x 1282 9d66369c81924e0a2e86b4f963e97cf8

Nova Number

Nova is compact, creating a spacious feel with the option of full wall glazing right through, comes complete with a 2.5 m2 porch deck and can be joined together with other Nova cabins to create even more space.

  • High density R4.5 insulated walls and R6.9 insulated roof
  • Triple glazed windows and doors for thermal efficiency
  • High Spec Finishing with composite cladding for superior weather resistance
  • Earthquake proof steel exoskeleton for superior strength
  • Recycled Materials significantly reduce impact on the environment
From $44,970 Delivered & Installed
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Nova Number
  • 12 m2 living area
  • Porch and decking included
  • Full wall windows
  • Exempt from building consent
  • No consent needed
  • 15,000 plastic bottles recycled
  • 10 m2 of useable internal floor space
  • 2.5 m2 decking with full cover porch
  • Environmentally friendly stained/wash finished interior
  • Full floor to ceiling European spec joinery
  • R4.5 – Premium high density insulation
  • R1.4 Triple glazed thermal acoustic glass
  • Structurally insulated panels (SIPS) for walls, floor, and roof
  • Structural steel exoskeleton with marine grade paint system
  • Marine grade 316 Stainless Steel fastenings
  • Heat exchanger ventilation system
  • LED lighting with dual tone and dimmer control
  • 240V/USB multifunction double power outlets

NOVA FLOORPLAN — 10m2 with 2.5 m2 decking and porch

Nova floorplan
From $44,970 Delivered & Installed
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